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December 13th, 2014

The November Winner!

The Winner of the November 2014 Monthly Competition!

 The Subject of the month was “Animals”.

1st Place 35_Nov14_Floating Jelly

You can see the other photos that placed and those enter for Critique on the Monthly Entries Page! 

December 26th, 2014

Easy Ways to Capture Brilliant Starbursts

2 Easy Ways to Capture Brilliant Starbursts in Your Photographs

~Sheen Watkins,

sunstarHave you ever wondered how photographers are able to depict lights with a star effect along piers, boardwalks or a sunrise with trailing rays peering through beams? One easy way is with a star filter. The other requires a simple technique using the light, the camera and the aperture (f/stop) settings. Either way, the stars are within your reach (couldn’t resist the pun).

Examples of lights that can be cast into starbursts include (but are not limited to) lighted street posts, holiday lights, leading lights on a pier or street, the sun, a candle and even a lightbulb.

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December 13th, 2014

More Macro!

macrobugHere is a good article on low-budget macro photography, submitted by Club Member Dennis from Billings.  While it talks about low cost reversing rings ($11.99 on Amazon) and such, extension tubes on Amazon range from $14.95 from Fotodiox (completely manual and no electronic connection) for a set of three, to $150 or more for a fully auto one from Canon.

Or so I thought…

The Helloo Macro Extension Tube Set is: $2.96.  Really.  Although it is probably $4.99 postage…

Anyway, here is the article Dennis suggested.  Remember, the January Theme is Macro/Closeup!