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Great Falls Camera Club

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December 13th, 2014

The November Winner!

The Winner of the November 2014 Monthly Competition!

 The Subject of the month was “Animals”.

1st Place 35_Nov14_Floating Jelly

You can see the other photos that placed and those enter for Critique on the Monthly Entries Page! 

December 13th, 2014

More Macro!

macrobugHere is a good article on low-budget macro photography, submitted by Club Member Dennis from Billings.  While it talks about low cost reversing rings ($11.99 on Amazon) and such, extension tubes on Amazon range from $14.95 from Fotodiox (completely manual and no electronic connection) for a set of three, to $150 or more for a fully auto one from Canon.

Or so I thought…

The Helloo Macro Extension Tube Set is: $2.96.  Really.  Although it is probably $4.99 postage…

Anyway, here is the article Dennis suggested.  Remember, the January Theme is Macro/Closeup!




December 9th, 2014

The First Digital Camera…

Used with permission!


I came across this fun bit of info and thought you might enjoy it too:

In 1975 Kodak entered into the digital world with a prototype digital camera made by Steve Sasson. It was an eight-pound creation. Sasson put together state of the art parts…Super 8 movie camera lens, experimental charge-couple device chips to convert light into electrons and a digital cassette recorder with jury-rigged circuit boards, an analog to digital converter and 16 nickel cadmium batteries. The fastest speed of the camera was 23 seconds, which recorded a blurry image that was then read by a separate VCR-like component and viewed on a TV screen.

The first commercially available digital camera (Dyeam Model 1) appeared fifteen years later. Soon after Kodak produced its own line of digital camera.

~Clyde Butcher

Two more similar links:

Digital Camera Inventor Explains How Technology Took Down Kodak 


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