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May 7th, 2015

The March Winner: Photogs on the Dunes!

1st Place 40 Mar15 Photogs on the Dunes

May 13th, 2015

Club Meeting Minutes for 04/23/15

Great Falls Camera Club Club Minutes 04-23-15

In Attendances: Mike Nussbaum, Pauletta Byers, Gary Byers, Chuck Paul, Bob Muzzy, Earl Sheldon, Ken Murphy, Norman Anderson, Amy Legg, Alan Herrig, Barb Herrig, Elaine Forbeck.

Mike called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. He called for the Treasurer’s report, no income and only one expense of $100.00 for the booth at the Lewis & Clark Festival in Gibson Park the 19th and 20th of June. Mike asked for comment or corrections regarding the minutes of the last meeting on April 9th. There were no corrections or comments.

Alan Herrig said 8:00 am at Hardee on Saturday, April 25th for the Scavenger Hunt. He will email the list of words on Friday evening. You can submit a total of 4 photos that were taken at either Scavenger Hunt to and these photos will be shown at the May 14th meeting. Alan said their thinking of having some kind of a prize for the best picture.

Mike mentioned that we need a commitment from members participating in the booth at the Lewis & Clark Festival. We also need a chairman to coordinate scheduling members in the booth for both days of the festival.

The subject of contest/critique and problems getting Judges came up. The suggestion was made that we exchange contest photos with another Camera Club, we critique their photos and they critique ours. Currently we critique our own critique photos. Discussion to follow.

Our photo contest for May is your 4 favorite photos that have previously been submitted in one of the Monthly contest. After a discussion it was decided if a judge made a suggestion to improve

the photo you can make the change and reenter the photo. It was also decided that the Critique photos would not be included in the May photos contest. The subject of using numbers versus names on photos entered into the Monthly Contest/Critique came up and some members feel the names should be used for the photos entered into the contests. Further discussion on this subject to follow.

The PSA International Club Competition deadline is fast approaching. Photos have to be to Ken NOW so he can get them in by May 1st. Each member can submit 2 pictures to Ken, he will then select the 6 pictures that will be submitted to PSA for judging. His email is

Norman sent club members an email asking for suggestions for Educational Topics and Monthly Contest/Critique for the 2015-16 club year. He and his committee will be meeting soon so that they have the list completed in time for the banquet, that way members can be taking pictures over the summer for next year.

The Educational topic for the meeting this evening is Lighting and Ken will do the presentation. It was interesting and a lot of information as well as hand outs.

Our next meeting is May 14th and our photos for the final contest are due to night. You can email them to or you can bring a flash drive to the meeting. Remember these are 4 photos that they have previously entered during the 2014-2015 club year.

Business meeting starts at 6:45 pm and the Regular meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Hope to see you there!

~Gary Beyers

May 7th, 2015

The March & April 2015 Contest and Critique Photos!

The March & April 2015 Contest and Critique photos have been posted under the Competition & Critiques link on the Menu on the left.

 April winners will be announced at the next meeting.

May 7th, 2015

Club Meeting Minutes for 04/09/15

Great Falls Camera Club Club Minutes for 04/09/15

In Attendance: Robyn Mehmke, President, Mike Nussbaum, Vice President, Gary Byers, Treasurer, Ken Murphy, Norman Anderson, Barb Herrig, Alan Herrig, Bob Muzzy, Amy Legg, Chuck Paul, Tom Hendricks, Xavier Springer, Julie Nice, John Thomas, Allie Rhoads, Elaine Forbeck, Cindy Lake, Elizabeth Reid, Bill Reid.

I was unable to attend this meeting due to illness and I apologize if the minutes are missing information, comments, and complaints. We can correct these things at the next meeting on April 23rd.

Minutes were read and approved as well as the Treasurer report.

Norman reported on the L&C Festival and the donated photos need to be in as soon as possible as the dinner is April 28th. In Norman’s email dated 4/21/15 the deadline is now. Norman offered to take any photos to the center on Friday, 4/24/15. The booth for the festival was voted on and approved. The club will pay the $100.00 and members who participate will reimburse the club. All sizes of photos and canvases are welcome as are note cards.
GFCC signed the contract with Ursuline for the next club year, September, 2015 through May, 2016. The club has met in this facility for 25 plus years. They offer storage space, TV and Internet all included in our rent. The room is available to us 6:00 to 10:00 pm per meeting. They are charging us $65 per month. We did call other facilities, and found the Ursuline offers us the best deal.

Robyn announced her name was drawn for the Sharp-tailed Grouse blind at Freezeout Lake on May 16th an hour before dawn. The blind holds 6 people, anyone interested let Robyn know.

Scavenger Hunt will be April 18th and 25th downtown Great Falls. Alan Herrig and his committee will coordinate the details. Robyn will be sending the list of words to be used at the hunt. There will be 5 words to look for to photograph. There will be a different list of words for each Saturday.

Robyn, Tom Hendricks and Alan Herring will critique the May Critique photos.
It seems there still is a problem with some members opening my minutes that I email. I am sorry this has been an issue. My time as Secretary of the club will soon come to an end – term limits prevail and hopefully the next person won’t have this problem.

Ken, Mike and Robyn gave a presentation on what is expected for entering the Montana State Fair. Examples of photos from past years were shown to demonstrate the different sizes of photos and the matting that can be used on the 16×20 foam board. Dates of entering were given and the new rules discussed.

Next meeting is April 23rd, business meeting starts at 6:45 and regular meeting at 7:00. This meeting only we will be on the 3rd floor on the east end of the building, it’s called the Seminar Room.

Everyone should have received an email from Norman regarding Contest/Critique and Educational Topics for the 2015-16 year. Please bring your suggestions with you.
Also Alan will have more information at the meeting regarding the Scavenger Hunt for Saturday.

Ken will do a presentation on Lighting. Bring reflectors with you.
Reminder that May contest/critique is your 4 best photos entries from this club year and they are due May 14th.