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January 25th, 2015

The January Winner!

The Winner of the January Competition on “Clouds/Sky” is:

1st Place 27 Dec14 Breaking Fog on a Frosty Morning

January 8th, 2015

The January 8th, 2015, meeting has been cancelled!

snow002Due to the weatherman not getting the notice of our meeting tonight and scheduling this snowstorm instead, the meeting for tonight has been cancelled!

So stay warm, stay safe, and stay home!

You still need to send in your Macro/Closeup photos that are due tonight.  If they won’t send, just call one of the officers, and they will make arraignments to pick the photos up on a thumb drive.

See you in two weeks…{!-{>


~Curtis, the Chief Web Dude!


January 4th, 2015

Yellowstone Trip Details!


Winter BisonWe have the dates booked for our Yellowstone Excursion. When I called this morning, there were some changes in the information that we had received earlier in the week. The days that were available are Sunday, February 22 and Monday, February 23. We will go to Old Faithful one day and the next to the Canyon. This actually works out better in cost, as we have one less night in a motel. I booked two of the 14 passenger coaches. The gal I talked to(Teri) advised me that we limit the group to 15(7 per coach) and that is what she put in our reservation. If we decide to take more people than 15, that is up to us, and I need to let them know. She thought it would not be a fun trip if we were too crowded with all our gear. But it is up to us if we want to take more. I just need to keep them updated. I also had her add sack lunches for us and tips. We will be making our own lodging reservations, so you can stay wherever you wish. You will need to arrive on Saturday to be ready to leave at 7am Sunday morning in the coaches. Monday night will also be necessary, obviously. It will be up to you if you want to stay Monday night or head home. The coaches arrive back by 5pm. The coaches will pick people up at their lodging. I just need to let them know where everyone needs to be picked up at.  Anyone who has a National Park Pass needs to bring it along. Each pass will allow 3 people to enter the park.This is a new policy. You need to call 1-800-426-7669 and ask for Teri to book your spot. Our group is booked as Great Falls Camera Club. They will not charge your credit card until the day before we leave. They have a 20 day cancellation policy also. I will be setting a deadline for getting your reservation in and guaranteed with your credit card. They have a spread sheet set up for our group waiting for us to call with credit cards to reserve our spots.

Call TERI at 1-800-426-7669 to give your credit card information and reserve your spot.

The Branding Iron appears to be the cheapest place to stay at $69 for a Queen.

Holiday Inn, Explorer Cabins, Gray Wolf Inn and Suites are also available places to stay. I believe John mentioned Best Western last night as another good place. I am not sure which Best Western he recommended though. You are responsible for making your own lodging reservations.

The cost of the coaches is:

14 passenger private coach – $1185 per day

We have 4 coaches reserved for us; 2 per day.

I will send you the email that Pauletta received from them that includes more info. The dates they listed there were not right, so ignore them. We have our dates of Sunday, Feb 22  to go to Old Faithful and Monday, Feb 23 to go to the Canyon, locked in. Please remember that the dates you see listed were not the same today. I had to take what was available.

Robyn Mehmke


Great Falls Camera Club