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May 7th, 2015

The March Winner: Photogs on the Dunes!

1st Place 40 Mar15 Photogs on the Dunes

June 7th, 2015

Club Meeting Minutes for 05-28-15

Great Falls Camera Club Meeting

May 28, 2015

The May 28, 2015, meeting of the Great Falls Camera Club was called to order by President Robyn Mehmke at 7pm at the Ursuline Center.

Those in attendance were Robyn Mehmke, Mike Nussbaum, Ken Murphy, Julie Nice, Amy Legg, Tom Hendricks, Alan Herrig, Barb Herrig, Curtis Barrow, Elaine Forbeck and Chuck Paul.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved, as was the treasurer’s report of $555.55. There were no new expenses or income.

The election results were given as follows; 22 voted yes and 2 voted no. The curent officers are reelected for the 2015-16 club year: President; Robyn Mehmke, Vice President; Mike Nussbaum, Secretary; Pauletta Byers and Treasurer; Gary Byers.

The Lewis and Clark Festival was discussed. Alan reported that the device for scanning credit cards can be purchased at Walmart or online. The club needs to obtain a Paypal account to link it to. Robyn, Barb and Ken will be meeting to get this done. The following people have said they will be furnishing images for sale; Julie, Mike, Norman, Alan, Barb, Chuck, Gary?, Cindy? and Ken. The tent will be set up on Friday morning, June19th by Norman. Gary has an extra tent if needed. Julie showed her impressive project of transferring photos to wood. She is thinking about selling these in the booth at the L&C Festival. Mike reported that the best price he has found around town is Staples for printing note cards. They would run $1.19 for two cards printed. Julie reported that Photographers Edge, an online store, is a great choice for card supplies. Mike, Pauletta and Ken have volunteered to help at the booth.

Alan reported that he has no plans for photo outings. Mike suggested that we go to Lost Lake this Sunday for a shoot. Members will meet at the AgriVillage parking lot at 6AM to caravan to the site. People were reminded to bring mud boots.

Robyn reminded everyone of the photowalk that Norman is leading on June 6th to Square Butte. People are to register with Get Fit Great Falls.

In Norman’s absence, Tom, Amy, Chuck, and Curtis reported on the committee that has met to plan the educational topics and contest/critique categories. The choices have been made and Norman will have them ready for the group at our banquet.

Robyn reported that she and Curtis have moved the club scrapbooks from Elaine’s house to our locker storage. She reported that Elaine did a beautiful job on restoring and organizing the club information.

The end of the year photos for our 2014-15 scrapbook are due as soon as possible. There have been 14 photos submitted so far. Robyn read the list of those that are still needed.

Ken reported that the printing of the Montana State Fair premium book is behind schedule. The entry information is available online though. He also reported that if there is enough space on the walls, he and Robyn would like the club members to supply photos like they did last year. Elaine mentioned that it was great exposure for the club.

Ken reported that Amy Watson from Benefis and Judge Morris from the judicial district will be coming to the photography exhibit the first day of the fair (July 24th) to select photos they would like to see displayed in the new federal courthouse and also in Benefis. The photos picked will have a sticky note attached to the exhibitors name plate and it will be up to that exhibitor if he or she wants to loan their photo to Benefis or the courthouse. Ken has the details about what is required for exhibiting. The courthouse wants framed or gallery wraps of 16×20 or 16×24, which the exhibitor will have to furnish at the exhibitor’s expense. Photos for the courthouse need to be of the area in the judicial area. This excludes Billings, West Yellowstone, Swan Valley and Lincoln. It would be good to consult a map of what the district is. Any questions can be addressed to Ken.

Curtis reminded us of the Poker Run this Saturday, May 30th which starts at Miss Kitties (2501 6th Ave. North) at 11AM. It costs $15 to participate, with the proceeds going to Relay for Life. This may be a good opportunity for photos of vehicles and bikes.

Robyn reminded everyone of the photography workshops held in Glacier and Yellowstone. They are very reasonable in price and have available housing for participants. Several of our members are attending an upcoming macro workshop in Glacier.

We talked about using a new format for entering the contests/critiques next year. The title of the photo would be first in the format of the file. This would allow a person’s photos to be spread out throughout the contest, instead of all grouped together with their number, as they are now. The exact format will be sent out to all members before the first meeting in the fall.

An increase in dues was discussed. The rent on our meeting room has increased by $15 per month. To cover that increase, we may consider increasing our dues by $5. Elaine mentioned that the dues have never been increased since the beginning of the club and that it would not be unreasonable to consider it. This will be decided at a later date and the discussion was tabled for now.

The next meeting will be June 11th at the Golden Corral at 6pm, which is our awards banquet. The winners of the Photographer of the Year and the Image of the Year will be announced at that time. Ken will also award a prize for his favorite photo taken for the Scavenger Hunt. Family members are welcome to attend the banquet. Eating at the restaurant is not required to attend the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.

The critique photos for April were presented in a slide show with the comments read for each photo. The club members who did the critiquing this month were Curtis, Alan, Tom and Robyn. The May critique photos were then shown, which were the participants’ favorites from this club year.

Robyn Mehmke

President, Great Falls Camera Club

June 7th, 2015

Club Meeting Minutes for 05-14-15

Great Falls Camera Club

Minutes 05-14-15

In attendance were Robyn Mehmke, Curtis Barrow, Mike Nussbaum, Bob Muzzy, Chuck Paul, Barb Herrig, Alan Herrig, Amy Legg, Ginnie Miesmer, Elizabeth Reid, Elaine Forbeck, Earl Sheldon, Norman Anderson, Ken Murphy, Julie Nice and Jessica Nice.

The meeting was called to order by Robyn at 6:50 pm. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read. The treasurer’s report of no expenses and a balance of $555.55 was given.

Norman Anderson reported on the Lewis & Clark Festival. He will be furnishing a tent for our booth and will have it set up on Friday morning, June19th. We need to get a Paypal account and a “square” for credit card purchases. Ken will check on obtaining a “square”. Norman, Alan, Barb, Mike, Ken, Chuck, and possibly Cindy and Gary will participate at this time. Coordinating everything will be Barb and Robyn. There will be a work schedule set up for participants. Participants were urged to put their name and copyright on their photos for sale. Various business that offer printing services were mentioned. Photos should be of Montana.

Alan reported that the Scavenger hunt was a success even though the weather was not good the first weekend. There were 10 members who sent in photos that will be shown after the meeting.

Ken reported that the PSA contest results are in and that our club did well. We moved up in the standings and are awaiting final verification which hopefully should be available at our banquet. He thanked those members who submitted their photos for this contest.

Robyn reported that she has talked to Alison of the Downtown Chicks and that they would like any photos we might have taken at the Scavenger hunt. They plan to use them for advertising the downtown area. They will be delivered as soon as all photos are sent to Robyn.

The subject of using names and numbers on the monthly image contest entries was discussed. It was decided to use numbers, not names, when sending images to the judge. Names will be used on the images when presented within the club and on the club Facebook page from now on.

Alan reported that, as of right now, he has no shooting outings planned.

Ken reported that the premium book for the Montana State Fair is not ready yet. It should be within a couple of weeks. Printed books will be available at various places around town yet to be announced. The book is also available online.

The April and May critique photos will be presented at the May 28th meeting. There will be a slide show of both sets of photos. This was the time for critique participants to make suggested changes to the photos for their May entries. We look forward to seeing what the critique photographers have done.

Mike reminded everyone that the final meeting and banquet will be June11th at the Golden Corral at 6pm. The May image contest entries will be shown. The winners of the Image of the Year and the Photographer of the Year will be announced.

Robyn reported that nominations for the 2015-16 club year are due tonight. Mike passed around slips for nominations. There also were online nominations received.

A ballot containing the candidates for president, vice president, secretary and treasurer will be emailed to all members next week. All voting will be done by email and ballots need to be returned to Robyn, by May 25th. Mike and Robyn will count the ballots and the results will be announced at the May 28th meeting.

Members were reminded that images for the final contest of the 2014-15 year are due tonight. These photos must have been entered previously during this club year.

Results will be announced at the banquet. The judge for the final contest is Doug Johnson of the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be May 28th at 6:45pm at the Ursuline Center.

The Scavenger Hunt photos were presented in a slide show by Ken. He will be awarding a prize to the one he judged to be best at the banquet on June11th.

The April 2015th open category contest photos were presented by Ken in a slide show. The judge for this contest was Linda Miller, photographer from Coram, MT. Robyn announced the winners as follows:

1st Place – Dennis Hirning “Blue Eyes”

2nd Place – Robyn Mehmke “A Taste of the Sweet Stuff”

3rd Place – Norman Anderson “Sunrise at Mesa Arch”

HM – Dennis Hirning “Burn and Crash”

HM – Robyn Mehmke “A Little Disagreement”

HM – Xavier Springer “Panthers Chameleon”

HM – JoAnn Hirning “Holman Bricks”

HM – Alan Herrig “The Dodge in the Door”

HM – Kimmie Rosalez “Elk in Paint”

HM – Lynne Brewer “Markelle”

Congratulations to all who entered the contest. The images were outstanding. Members are invited to be watching for the images on the club Facebook page.

Robyn Mehmke

President, Great Falls Camera Club

May 13th, 2015

Club Meeting Minutes for 04/23/15

Great Falls Camera Club Club Minutes 04-23-15

In Attendances: Mike Nussbaum, Pauletta Byers, Gary Byers, Chuck Paul, Bob Muzzy, Earl Sheldon, Ken Murphy, Norman Anderson, Amy Legg, Alan Herrig, Barb Herrig, Elaine Forbeck.

Mike called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. He called for the Treasurer’s report, no income and only one expense of $100.00 for the booth at the Lewis & Clark Festival in Gibson Park the 19th and 20th of June. Mike asked for comment or corrections regarding the minutes of the last meeting on April 9th. There were no corrections or comments.

Alan Herrig said 8:00 am at Hardee on Saturday, April 25th for the Scavenger Hunt. He will email the list of words on Friday evening. You can submit a total of 4 photos that were taken at either Scavenger Hunt to and these photos will be shown at the May 14th meeting. Alan said their thinking of having some kind of a prize for the best picture.

Mike mentioned that we need a commitment from members participating in the booth at the Lewis & Clark Festival. We also need a chairman to coordinate scheduling members in the booth for both days of the festival.

The subject of contest/critique and problems getting Judges came up. The suggestion was made that we exchange contest photos with another Camera Club, we critique their photos and they critique ours. Currently we critique our own critique photos. Discussion to follow.

Our photo contest for May is your 4 favorite photos that have previously been submitted in one of the Monthly contest. After a discussion it was decided if a judge made a suggestion to improve

the photo you can make the change and reenter the photo. It was also decided that the Critique photos would not be included in the May photos contest. The subject of using numbers versus names on photos entered into the Monthly Contest/Critique came up and some members feel the names should be used for the photos entered into the contests. Further discussion on this subject to follow.

The PSA International Club Competition deadline is fast approaching. Photos have to be to Ken NOW so he can get them in by May 1st. Each member can submit 2 pictures to Ken, he will then select the 6 pictures that will be submitted to PSA for judging. His email is

Norman sent club members an email asking for suggestions for Educational Topics and Monthly Contest/Critique for the 2015-16 club year. He and his committee will be meeting soon so that they have the list completed in time for the banquet, that way members can be taking pictures over the summer for next year.

The Educational topic for the meeting this evening is Lighting and Ken will do the presentation. It was interesting and a lot of information as well as hand outs.

Our next meeting is May 14th and our photos for the final contest are due to night. You can email them to or you can bring a flash drive to the meeting. Remember these are 4 photos that they have previously entered during the 2014-2015 club year.

Business meeting starts at 6:45 pm and the Regular meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Hope to see you there!

~Gary Beyers